Scam Yourself
Shocking! 530 hapless victims scammed themselves today (so far)

Foregoing with any sob stories, pick your own story on why you want to fork over your hard-earned cash

What's this about?

After seeing so many websites where people simply ask for money for a worthy cause, I figured I'd see if I could get people to give me money for absolutey no reason at all. Then, I thought of all the people who fell for scams that seemed so obvious. So then I thought, what if I told people I was scamming them just so they had a reason to give me money and I would let them choose how they got scammed.

Choose Your Own Scam

Numerous scams are out there! Some are executed on the streets. More and more so, people are getting scammed of their hard-earned cash online. Here are a few that you may have heard about that happened to ahem, a friend. Which one are you falling for today?

Passport stolen while traveling

I'm so glad I caught you online while I did just now, BFF. You see, my girlfriend and I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Europe. We were warned about the pickpockets here, but I guess I wasn't too careful. Our passports and credit cards have been lifted! We need to get new passports, but they cost $3.

Help me with $3?

Marine Biologist on Craigslist wants to buy your crap

I saw your Craigslist post about your laptop and I'm highly interested in your 12-year-old laptop which you listed for $750. The thing is, I'm a Marine Biologist currently out in the Gobi Desert and I can't meet you to complete the trade. Can you just wire it to me? And because I really want to have it IMMEDIATELY, I'll send you an additional check for $150 plus $99 overnight shipping.

Send $999

Install shady but obvious Ransomware

You probably shouldn't have opened that email with that hot girl's picture supposedly attached. You opened the attachment and didn't see any pictures. Instead, you got a message saying that your computer is basically toast, UNLESS you send over some coin. Bitcoin, that is. Oh, you don't have Bitcoin? Two regular old USD will do just fine.

Give up $2

More Scams Coming!

Make up your own story for now

Give up $1.23

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't believe I fell for it. How dare you?

I can't believe you fell for it either. But I didn't do it, you did it all by yourself

Are you the guy in the hood?

No, he's just a guy in a stock photo. Don't try to find him, he's just a dude in a hoodie.

What's with the photo of the payphones?

It looked like a seedy place where one would make scammy phone calls. I wanted to make the site look seedy.

Is this site secure?

No, it is definitely NOT secure (no SSL certificate). But the payment site (Square Cash) is a highly reputable, very secure site.

Aren't you basically panhandling?

I don't see a pan. I'm just trying to provide entertainment value. And educating you what scams are out there in the real world.

The number of people scammed today (the number on the front page)...that's not real, is it?

What do you think?

What do you with the money you receive?

Some of it goes to those guys you see on the street with the cardboard signs - I call it my Scam It Forward plan. Some of those guys are deserving of a handout, some are basically telling you a tall tale with a fat Sharpie.

Can I get a refund?


Shouldn't you have some kind of privacy policy?

Ok, you've got some internet savvy. Here you go - I only track whatever Google Analytics tracks. I don't store any of that information, Google does. Also, Square Cash is a separate entity. When you pony up the cash using Square Cash, you're on their site, not mine; read their privacy policy.

Contact Information

Rarely do you get a chance to reach out and talk to who scammed you. In this case, it was you.

Phone : 555-SCAM
Location : Everywhere. You don't see it coming.